7 Signs You Are in a Bromantic Relationship

Ah, the bromance. There have been films about it, people have written songs, and there’s even “BROMANCE” the musical.

For those that don’t know this modern tag (well not exclusively modern- I’m sure cavemen had their bros too… Jesus had 12 bros in fact. ); it’s when a guy has a male friend he is so tight with, people question their sexuality on a regular basis.

There are some crystal clear signs you are in a bromance. Even if you don’t realise it… Here are just a few:

  1. You and your bro have your own shows.


You only watch them together and would never, ever get a sneaky episode in without him. Popular options include 24, Game of thrones or anything else in which the action to story ratio is suitably skewed.

  1. Your girlfriend is genuinely worried about the amount of contact you have with your bro.


  1. People always ask where your bro is when you aren’t together.
  1. You have your song.

From the Proclaimers to Vanilla Ice, its normally cheesy, annoying and no-one else gets it.

  1. You have a “routine”.


This is a vague one, but a sure sign a bromance is blossoming is when you have YOUR THING that you do on a regular basis. It might be gym and Chinese on Tuesday. It might be kicking his ass at squash on a Wednesday. Nothing gets in the way of this.

  1. You have in jokes.

All it takes is one word and you are in britches, ahem… stitches. Much to the annoyance of those around you.

  1. No matter what happens you always have each other’s backs.

best friends

So there it is. Has that opened your eyes to your own bromantic situation?

I’ll leave you with the eternal question. If two girls have a bromance what is it called? A womance?  A hoe-mance?

*bro is an abbreviation of your brother from another mother. Although you’re actual brother may be your bro too, whatever you are into, bro.

Written by Nick Stephens


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