I did it for the story

The Rum tum manifesto is about saying yes.

breakfast beer

I said YES recently……….YES to 7am clubbing. Yea that’s right 7am, not 7pm. Not the kind of 7 when your grandad picked your grandma up at and took her for a mad one down the local working men’s. The kind at which no strenuous activity should be attempted at whatsoever.

I was Dj-ing at an event at Heathrow and I spied a friend I had not seen for over half a year. Her first words were “I’ve been invited to a party, a gay party 6-6 in Vauxhall, you up for it?” The word party allowed me to convince myself it would be a civilised affair. Images of impeccably dressed men sipping Earl grey and eating madeleines sprang to mind. But I knew deep down the reality was barely clothed gay men doing shots of vodka and dropping more Mandy than deleines.

I finished Dj-ing at 5.30 in the morning. We get distracted and talk until 7. Then we realize we are in a 4 star hotel and breakfast will be served soon. Breakfast first. Clubbing after. It made perfect sense at the time. Re-line the stomachs and get back on it.

So there we are having breakfast with people who have just started their day. We finish the wine bottle whilst they order tea. Everyone was betting against us.” There’s no way in hell you’re going out now.” But that just spurred us on. You see, it had gone past the point of being a normal night. This night / morning now had the potential to be epic, this is a story I would be telling my Grandkids (when they reach a responsible drinking age ) the neighbours, maybe even the parents. This could be the best night of my life…

It wasn’t.

It was SHIT.

We didn’t get into the club we were aiming for. We went to some “mixed” dive (this almost always means straight). I thought I was being hit on within two minutes of entering the club, I was actually being started on. We went back to the hotel after 45 minutes. We couldn’t sleep… probably because it was 10 O’ CLOCK IN THE MORNING!!

You know what though, I don’t even fricking care, I will be telling that story to every person I meet until I die. And it will be made into an epic story every time. It is irrelevant whether or not that was the truth of the night because the minute I had said YES to something out of the ordinary I had already won in my head. I had pushed myself and put myself out there.

My point is that, in my experience the minute you say yes to life you are almost always guaranteed to gain something positive in return. Whether it’s the best night of your life or just THE BEST story about your search for it.


Written by Steve Nickson


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